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The Business Plan Is Essential To Finding Financing And Success Of A Small Business

A recent article from the NY Times reported that undercapitalization or the lack of cash is one of the main reasons that most small businesses fail in the first five (5) years so financing should be one of the main considerations the entrepreneur needs to address when entering the business world.

The report makes a depressing statement but you shouldn’t allow that deter you from starting your business if that is what you truly want to do.

One of the companies that we work with has recently been able to obtain a total of over three hundred thousand dollars by hustling and not getting discouraged. Yeah; even in this economy they were able to procure financing!

What are their secrets?

A good business plan and sound business practices are two of the things that have been essential in obtaining their financing. Using a good plan and sound business practices can catapult your business into the big league!

Please understand that my statement is not all hype and don’t think that they were able to waltz into one bank and get an approval for the financing they were trying to obtain. The truth is they made many visits to a lot of banks and received countless rejections.

The fact remains that banks are not gambling institutions and they will not gamble on a shaky business. You just need to convince them that you are not shaky and your business has a good future.

Bank financing for businesses has not completely disappeared! You can find and obtain financing if you are willing to persevere, have good business practices and are willing to deal with the necessary paperwork.

The first and most important step is to develop a good business plan. Don’t worry; there are many resources that are available to help in developing a sound business plan!

You should start by researching the information available at the Small Business Administration. They are a great resource for all businesses and you should use the information they offer.

They even have an online outline that you can follow to develop your plan. I believe that it takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. You should take whatever time is necessary to get your plan established. The dividends are well worth whatever time it takes!

I recommend that you take the business planning process very seriously. The business plan is one of the most important assets you can have for your business. It gives you a blue-print that you can use to focus your efforts to achieve your goals and make your company successful.

The thing to remember when you establish your business plan is that you need to make it flexible. Times will change and opportunities will become available so you should make a date with yourself or your partners to periodically review and update your plan.

I hope this may have given you some food for thought and will help if you are trying to get some financial help with your business. There are sources that are available that can help you.

Plan your work and work your plan!

Get Reviews on Investment Management Service and Bank Accounts

Investment management is the professional management of various securities (shares, bonds etc.) and assets (e.g., real estate), to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of the investors. The provision of ‘investment management services’ includes elements of financial analysis, asset selection, stock selection, plan implementation and ongoing monitoring of investments. Since businesses are growing at an incredible pace with global expansion plans, an investment management industry is also evolving at breakneck speed. In order to achieve its maximum potential, every company has to manage their growth strategically, mitigate risks and accept regulatory analysis; and they have to do it all in a decisive and clear-sighted manner. There are many investment management companies who have highly specialized asset management professionals who can provide clear insights into the most pressing issues of their clients.

These professional investment management companies offer their clients a wide range of services. They provide advice on investment and related matters and help their clients manage their investments, so they can achieve maximum returns regardless of market conditions. They help their clients to protect wealth in the most appropriate and effective manner. They even avail the clients with risk management strategies for long term as well as short term investments. Many of the latest innovative techniques allow a more comprehensive control of risk, without compromising the opportunities for healthy returns. To get the best of investment management, it is advised to hire investment management companies who are specialized and focus their approach towards client’s goal achievement. They prepare the monetary investment portfolios to show a clear picture of financial status of company. These services are aimed to identify the assets or resources of the company. Thus, an investment management service is the best way to gain optimum utilization of the available tangible and non-tangible resources for gaining maximum return on investment.
Bank accounts are the safety lockers of our lifetime investments as they offer safety and security when we deposit our investment like cash, jewelery in them. In addition to both these factors, bank accounts also allow us to earn interest on our savings. Bank accounts are the most important necessity of our life as they give us the assurance of safety of our valuables as well as investments. So, it is advisable to be informed about bank accounts available and some basic information about them. Bank accounts designed to process large numbers of transactions may offer credit and debit facilities. However, there are many types of bank accounts out of which some are commonly used by large number of people. This includes savings account, current account, personal account, money market deposit account etc.

Current accounts are usually meant for businesses or personal client. They are meant to securely and quickly provide frequent access to funds on demand. They allow the account holder to receive payments by cash, cheque, direct debit, standing order, ATM card etc. Overdraft facility is also avail with this account. Saving accounts allow the account holder to set aside a portion of their liquid assets while earning a monetary return. Withdrawals from a savings account are occasionally costly and are sometimes much higher and more time-consuming. A personal account is an account for use by an individual for their own needs. Banks differentiate their services for personal accounts from business accounts by setting lower minimum balance requirements, lower fees, free checks, free ATM usage, free debit card usage, etc.

There are many more bank accounts which are categorized by their operations. However, there is lot of procedural formalities involved while opening any new bank account and one has to be well informed as well as ready with proper documentation. Some banks may apply strict norms while approving any bank account. Thus, first decide your need of bank account and which type of bank account. Be well informed about that account operation, bank reputation in which you want to open a bank account, interest rate charged, transactions flexibility etc.